Electrocoagulation systems for high salinity, brine water, industrial water, & groundwater.

Exclusive technology effectively treats both groundwater and highly concentrated waste water, including reverse osmosis brine water.  Our electrocoagulation systems overcome the limitation of alternative electrocoagulation designs by making it possible to treat salinity water without concern for overheating or reducing electrode size and capacity.  Removal of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead from groundwater, treatment of highly concentrated produced water, dye removal from textile water, or nickel and chromium removal from metal anodizing or plating water can all be achieved using our advanced systems. 

  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • Remove Up To 99.9% Of Heavy Metals, Suspended Solids, Bacteria, & Oil.
  • Treats Groundwater & Highly Saline Water To 650,000 microsiemens.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency Compared To Most Systems
  • Superior Electrode Capacity Compared To Most Systems
  • No Proprietary Electrodes, Customer Can Supply Their Own
  • Heavy Duty, Sealed, Patented Reactors

Industrial & Groundwater

Mining, Oil, & Gas

Arsenic, Heavy Metals, Viruses

drinking water