GlobalSep has been manufacturing the highest quality industrial electrocoagulation “EC” systems for groundwater and industrial water treatment for over 20 years.   Our systems have been optimized for treating highly conductive water without sacrificing electrode area and reaction time that is critical for effective water treatment.  Removal of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead from groundwater, treatment of produced water, dye removal from textile water, or nickel and chromium removal from metal anodizing or plating water can all be achieved using our advanced systems.  

Optimized For Highly Conductive Water.  Easily process highly concentrated industrial water with conductivity of up to 650 mS/cm without having to sacrifice electrode surface area for effective treatment.  Learn More.

High Electrode Area & Electrode Density.  At least 20x more surface area per reactor than most PVC pipe reactors and similar sized systems being deployed by our competitors.  Learn More 

Electrode Replacement Simplified.  Our pivoting EC systems provide the fastest, easiest, and safest way to replace electrodes over any other system.  Unlock and pivot reactors for safe and easy electrode removal.

Pressurized Operation.  Easier and more compact installations without the mess and complications from using opent-top, gravity discharge systems.

Automated Power Control.  Proprietary power system and intuitive controls automatically maintains the desired power setting and eliminates constant monitoring and adjustment of cell voltage regardless of conductivtiy.

Non-Proprietary Plate Electrodes.  Customers provide their own electrodes for maximum savings.  Unlike many systems that require electrodes to be stamped or machined, our systems use simple sheets that can be provided by any metal and aluminum supplier.