Acid Mine Water, Florida

electrocoagulation system treating acid mine treatment in Florida

Acid mine water from an inactive phosphate mine in Florida was treated at 300 GPM using our patented cartridge electrocoagulation water treatment systems. Over 98% of the phosphate was removed from an acidic pond consisting of 35,000 PPM TDS @ 1.6 pH.  GlobalSep’s electrocoagulation systems provided removal of suspended solids, phosphate, and silica prior to processing through reverse osmosis.  The treated water was ultimately discharged at 100 PPM TDS @ 7.0 pH.  The system demonstrated the effectiveness of GlobalSep’s electrocoagulation technology as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis technology, along with it’s ability to provide clean water from a highly contaminated source.

Equipment Washwater, Kentucky

electrocoagulation system for machinery washing rinse water Kentucky

This customer proposed a major overhaul for their locomotive train washing facility. GlobalSep was one of several electrocoagulation system manufacturers competing for the project.  GlobalSep developed a unique process with it’s electrocoagulation systems that avoided the production of foam caused by surfactants that the other electrocoagulation providers were unable to solve.  This advanced new electrocoagulation process proved to be very effective, and provided the customer with nearly 90% water recovery and 90% energy savings and used a fraction of the space than a typical chemical treatment process.

electrochemical coagulant generation type of electrocoagulation system

Frac Water & Produced Water, Texas

electrocoagulation system in Texas for treating produced water oil and gas

A Texas company required an electrocoagulation water treatment system for coupling with their filtration process to treat produced water and fracking water. They required a system capable of handling produced water that could operate on a continuous basis without interruption. Their greatest hurdle was finding an electrocoagulation system that could treat concentrated saltwater  without overheating and without having to exchange electrodes on a daily basis.  The GlobalSep 50 GPM electrocoagulation system performed flawlessly and provided 95% to 99% reduction of total suspended solids and emulsified oil from solutions ranging from 50,000 ppm salinity to 200,000 ppm. In addition, they achieved an unexpected 30% reduction in chlorides and have changed the appearance of the black inlet stream to colorless. The company further reported GlobalSep’s electrocoagulation water treatment system operated for the duration of the expected electrode plate life without incurring any scaling or fouling.

Produced Water Treatment, New Mexico

electrocoagulation system in new mexico for treating produced water

A water treatment company in New Mexico needed a more effective method for precipitating suspended solids ahead of their dissolved air flotation system for treating produced water. They initially attempted using a competitor’s electrocoagulation system, but the conductivity of the water was too high (350 mS/cm) and caused the electrodes to overheat and failed to treat the water.  GlobalSep’s 50 GPM electrocoagulation system was deployed and immediately began treating the water without generating any heat at the electrodes.  The GlobalSep electrocoagulation system coagulated nearly 100% of the oil and suspended solids ahead of their dissolved air flotation system to provide clear water free of turbidity and odor.

Bacteria Destruction From Gel Frac Water, Wyoming

Electrocoagulation System Treating Gel Frac Water For Bacteria Removal

A company in Wyoming struggled for months to find a technology capable of removing bacteria from gel frac water.  They tried countless technologies, including an electrocoagulation system from a competitor, but with no success.  The concentration of solids and high conductivity of the water made it impossible to treat using their electrocoagulation system from a major US vendor that incorporated age-old off the shelf hardware.  GlobalSep was hired to demonstrate our electrocoagulation system, which easily treated the water within 1 minute of operation, killing all the bacteria, removing turbidity, and rendering the water crystal clear.

Mobile Water Recovery For Industrial Waste & Frac Water, Beijing China

A treatment company in Beijing required a mobile electrocoagulation water treatment system for treating 250 GPM to address the growing need for treatment of pollution in China.  The system was initially deployed for the treatment of produced water and frac flowback water.  Two of GlobalSep’s TR320-4 systems were installed directly into the customer’s mobile cargo container.  Once operating, the company reported excellent performance that exceeded all treatment goals.

Reverse Osmosis Saltwater Pre-Treatment, California

The U.S. Navy sought a non-chemical treatment technology to reduce fouling of reverse osmosis for desalination. They initially purchased a competitor’s electrocoagulation system for testing, but the high conductivity of the water required most of the electrode plates be removed to prevent overheating.  This significantly reduced treatment due to the reduction in electrode area, while the excessive current caused the remaining electrodes to quickly overheat and become fouled. A GlobalSep electrocoagulation system replaced the inoperable system and the seawater was easily treated at maximum electrode capacity without removing any electrodes and with no heat buildup in the reactor. 

Machining Coolant Water Recovery, Minnesota

A machining coolant manufacturer required a reduction of Zinc as part of their process for recovering used machining coolant received from their customers, which would allow them to recover the oil and discharge the water to the city sewer. Specifically, the electrocoagulation system had to be capable of reducing Zinc from 20 PPM to below 5 PPM at a flow rate of 25 GPM to meet discharge requirements. GlobalSep’s system easily achieved this treatment goal at 98% Zinc removal, allowing the customer to provide a profitable way to recovery valuable product while exceeding regulatory requirements.

Contaminated Groundwater Remediation, Colorado

A 50-GPM GlobalSep electrocoagulation water treatment system was installed into this customer’s mobile trailer for treating groundwater contaminated with petroleum products caused by leaking underground storage tanks. The system was installed along with a series of filtration and remediation technologies for a complete treatment solution. The superior performance of the system allowed the company to receive remediation contracts in addition to obtaining regulatory approval for treatment of groundwater contaminated with fuel.